FREE Baby and Toddler T-Shirt Sewing Pattern

Summer is by far my favorite season (sandals, beach days, iced coffee, camping are just a few of my favorite things), but I’m actually looking forward to fall! I think I feel like this every year, because at some point, the hot, humid days are just unbearable, and the tease of cool summer nights in August just make me crave that perfectly crisp ‘just cool enough’ fall air. I hate winter though, so lets not go there yet.

Okay, I’ll admit that one of my favorite parts of changing seasons is changing up the wardrobe. This year I’m excited about making Riley some fall clothes. I’ll still end up buying her some clothes (ok, ok, by some I mean way too many) because I can not resist the cute styles from Target especially with 5% offevery time when I use my Target debit REDcard but I’m looking forward to mixing in pieces I made just for her! How exciting!

I may have gone a little overboard making these adorable ringer t-shirts for her, but I had some irresistibly cute fabric, and they are so easy to make once you get the hang of it. You can find the pattern for the free baby and toddler t-shirt here at Brindille & Twig’s website. She has tons of adorable, well designed patterns, but you can find this t-shirt in the free pattern section! How awesome of her to offer it for free.Sew Jersey Mama | Free Sewing Pattern | Kids T-Shirt Pattern | Sewing Pattern | Easy Sewing Pattern

This school bus print is my absolute favorite. This is perfect for preschoolers or toddlers who happen to love the ‘wheels on the bus song’. Riley loves pointing to the buses on her shirt. It’s a Cloud 9 Organics fabric which means its a lovely interlock knit, and organic! It’s only about $12 a yard which is very reasonable, but keep in mind it’s not quite as stretchy as a jersey knit. I used a jersey knit on the cuffs to make it easier to get on and off. (Click on the photo to find the fabric!)

Sew Jersey Mama | Free Sewing Pattern | Kids T-Shirt Pattern | Sewing Pattern | Easy Sewing Pattern
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Another favorite of mine is this cute floral print. This was  a steal from! It’s a double-brushed poly (think buttery soft leggings…). It’s a little bit thinner than the interlock, but very stretchy and comfy! This fabric is only $7 but it sells out fast! I have the photo linked to a similar print, because this one sold out, but there are lots available.  Can we take a moment now to talk about her hair??? It’s so flowy and wavy. I’m just a bit jealous.

Sew Jersey Mama | Free Sewing Pattern | Kids T-Shirt Pattern | Sewing Pattern | Easy Sewing Pattern

You can make these without a serger, but it will be way easier with one! I highly recommend purchasing a serger if you plan to sew with knits a lot. It just makes it so much easier, and will be more professional. You may even find one in the Amazon warehouse deals. Many times the products on sale from the warehouse deals are brand new with opened or damaged packages. It’s worth a look for a deep discount.

I made a bunch as you can see, and would keep going, but I think I will move on to the t-shirt dress pattern they have next. The other adorable prints – the mushrooms and frogs, are from the Netherlands. I wish I could refer you to the source, but alas, they are not online. I always do manage to find some cute jersey knits on though! I would love to see what you make! Share your photos in the comments!


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